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Association for Sober Living

Therapy-oriented residence for men recovering from addiction.

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ASL (Association for Sober Living) offers a structured, therapy-oriented living environment for recovering male addicts who are serious about learning to develop a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.


As a client of the ASL, you are expected to attend recovery meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and / or Narcotics Anonymous. Integration into these support groups is monitored by trained personnel. Since there is a 16-bed capacity limit in each home, you are afforded an immediate support network with other recovering male addicts.

Although similar to the halfway house treatment model, the ASL is unique in that it is a self-pay program which teaches you financial responsibility for your own treatment. You learn to utilize new-found sobriety skills to reverse the devastation created by addiction.

Upon completion, you will be able to integrate socially, psychologically, and financially into a drug-free life.


The philosophy at the ASL can be summed up this way: co-operative living and individual accomplishment. Everyone at the house knows what it feels like to be you, because they are you. More than likely they recently were you. Sober for two weeks or ten years, living is still one day at a time.
It's not always easy - no one promises it is - but the ASL program offers the tools and the time you need to set your life on the right path to a real life. More than 1,000 guys before you have entered the ASL program. You can do it, too.
The choice is yours.

Association for Sober Living | 174 & 180 N. Washington St.| North Attleboro, MA 02760 | 508-699-2800